Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Soup Recipes - Serve with Love

In my family everyone loves soups very much as these are versatile and can be made using many different ingredients. In order to meet my family demands I generally spend most of my time looking for easy soup recipes. They can be served at different mealtime occasions and are perfect as starters or healthy snacks. Varied meat soups are there such as chicken, fish or vegetables which are being used as main ingredient and also served at dinner or lunch time.

Some soups such as fruit soups, iced melon soups are served as cold and are good for hot summer days as they are light and refreshing.Many different varieties of soups are there all over the world made with many different lovely ingredients, such as Italian Minestrone and Thai Chicken Noodle Soup.

These are quick and easy to make, as you just need to add a base of onion, celery, good quality stock with herbs or spices. A food processor or a blender is must at home as this saves your lot of time and energy for making the soup puree.

Let me discuss here about different soup recipes:

This recipe called a comforting and healthy autumn sweet potato and corn chowder one. It is perfect for most of the chilly evenings and is nice on chilly winter day. Autumn’s are about to arrive and there is a great chill in the air go for some great fall favorites such as this autumn corn chowder.    

This is another soup recipe which I love to make and serve hot. This is a warm and hearty chili made up of beef with two bean types using ancho that over medium heat. Simply let the beef brown on all sides in the vegetable oil.

This is my husband’s favorite. It is a savory soup which uses a garden glut and made with caramelized onions. It is a rich-tasting soup that melts-in-your-mouth onions. If you cook onions for a long time it actually makes its flavors to come out


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