Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Soup Recipes – The goodness for 12 Months

Soups are best delight you can have for all around the year. Soups are healthy, nourishing and if you make low-fat versions of soup recipes then it also helps in losing those extra pounds quickly. You can have vegetarian and as well as non-vegetarian soups as per your need. Soups are ideally served in first-course of dinner but you can also have one bowl soup which can be served as a main dish. Such soups are filling and satisfying and don’t make you feel hungry certainly.

For me soups are ideal for fall and winters. It helps you to keep warm and cozy. It’s been said, if you drink a bowl of chicken soup it help you to get rid of common flu and cold. In today’s post, I am sharing few soup recipes that you can try in this fall and even for the Christmas dinner –

  • To start with, Classic Pumpkin Soup. Markets are flooded with pumpkins right now and this sweet vegetable is not just healthy but makes a delicious soup too which is perfect for winters and fall. Make this smooth and creamy delight to flatter your loved ones. Click here to get the recipe.
  • Another soothing soup recipe is Pureed Sweet Potato Soup. This recipe is made of mashed sweet potatoes and flavors are subtle and comforting that you will definitely enjoy this recipe in the cold and chilly weather. Click here to get the recipe.
  • Third one could be stew and chowders. They are rich in flavors and have a creamy consistency. Stews and chowder may also consist of rice or noodles to make it really satisfying and filling meal. You can get a recipe here.
  • A classic French soup recipe is also perfect for this cold weather. The caramelized onions and cheese make this recipe a complete delight that you can even serve in parties or get together dinners. Serve with toast and stay warm and cozy. Click here to get the recipe.
  • Another classic soup recipe is Butternut squash and green apple soup. This soup is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and even for Christmas dinner. The taste of green apple makes this recipe a complete delight moreover this is absolutely a simple recipe. You can get this recipe here.
  • Another interesting stew recipe is chicken stew in Indian style. The spices used in this recipe are Indian but still it’s not spicy in fact it’s an absolutely comforting for fall. Chicken stew helps in keep your body warm and comfortable. This recipe is originated from Kerala the southern part of India. Click here to get the recipe.
  • One of the classic recipe for Christmas dinner is Oyster stew. It was first introduced in 1800 century. It’s one of the classic recipe which is still made on the Christmas Eve for dinner. Although previously this recipe was not considered as a delicacy especially for those who were close to sea or coastal areas because sea food was available in abundant and in really economical prices. But still the flavors and richness of this stew were such that people use to make it again and again. You can get the recipe here.

There is nothing much that's more comforting on a chilly evening than a bowl of hot soup. And above that if you have group of friends and family for chit-chatting, the freezing winters seems just bliss. Enjoy these wonderful recipes and enjoy the holidays. Happy Holidays!



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