Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spinach Vegetable Quiche Recipe

Like other moms, my concern has always been what different and nutritious to cook for my kids. Growing children need protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet which helps in their overall brain and body development. My kids do not like to eat vegetables such as spinach, peas, and carrots at all. So I always try to use them in pizzas, pastas, noodles and rolls. But that cannot provide the entire nutrition of vegetables as in pastas and pizzas only small quantity of them is added. I always used to look for something wherein I can cook vegetables as the main ingredient. I came to know about vegetable quiche recipe which can be served as a light dinner, breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The origin of quiche is from Mexico. It is an open pie and anything like meat, cheese, vegetables such as tomato slices etc. can be used for garnishing purpose.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Try this scrumptious & tempting chicken fried rice recipe

Chicken fried rice with its origin from Chinese is one of the most loved and extremely popular food found across the world. Actually it is not very difficult to make the fried rice and many other ingredients can be added to it. Fried rice can be made with other types of meat but chicken is usually the one which everyone likes.

This dish is made worldwide and each country has its own recipes and different methods of cooking it. One tip for making chicken fried rice dish is to use chilled rice. If freshly cooked rice is used it will not only give it a good texture but will make it tastier. Also another tip is that let the rice chill the whole night to let it get rid of excess moisture and make it firmer and hence less easy to separate.