Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Red Wine and Orange Juice Flank Steak Marinade

flank steak marinade

When summers are about to knock the door everyone seems excited to have all those Sunday brunches with your loved ones and family. It’s the time when everyone in family ask you to put on a grill. Barbecuing and grilling is the favorite pass time for summers and who don’t like grilled meat and vegetables.

Barbecuing just enhances the flavors and taste of meat but what you have to remember is proper marinade and perfect grilling at perfect temperature is the most vital part. In today’s post, we will talk about flank steak marinade. The most versatile and accepted recipe. There are plenty of recipes to try, each time the marinade and spices changes, the flavors changes accordingly. Some of them are classic and authentic recipes, some are contemporary, some are quick and easy recipe. Just pick one and you are ready to rock the summers.

Cooking steak at home is always fun and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy. Lay your BBQ outside your house, ask your husband to cook and grill, call your friends, put some drink bars outside, soak under the sun and enjoy wonder flank steak recipe with all.

Whether you use coco-cola or wine or vinegar to make a marinade, it’s important to soak the steak properly in the marinade so that steak soak the flavors and moisture therefore while grilling meat doesn’t get dry. Serve it with fresh salads, mashed potatoes or whatever side dishes you prefer. Let’s not waste any time and start grilling – 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Simple and Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad

Simple and easy pasta salads at times act like a rescuer. You can make this recipe one night before and take it to lunch. Or if you want to have this dinner, make it in the morning before you leave for work and let it refrigerator. Once you will back home, open your fridge and dig into the bowlful of goodness. This recipe is in fact healthy and by adding lots of veggies this recipe could be a great solution to make your kid eat vegetables. The interesting twist to this recipe is to add hollandaise sauce to give it that creamy texture and taste.

This recipe is perfect for summers and also it can be served as a delicious side dish. It’s easy to make and super yummy; kids love this recipe too; in fact kids can make this recipe too. Serve it in lunch or dinner it’s up to you but this pasta sides can be made easily at any given time. For me, this pasta salad is a perfect dinner idea solution. However, this recipe needs proper refrigeration time so I ideally cook it in the morning and keep it in the fridge for chilling. If you want to have to in lunch make it one night before, because the longer you will refrigerate; the tastier it will be.

My husband and my kids love this recipe, in fact this is one of my favorite party or family get together as a side dishes. Anyways without wasting time; let’s cook –

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Breakfast Delight – Veggie Pancakes with Runny Eggs

Breakfast is essential meal of the day generally, we all rush to go to work or school in the morning and usually end up eating which is quick and grab and go type. But what about the weekend mornings when you have ample to time and you can make a nice breakfast or brunch for yourself and for your loved ones. Instead of making those same repetitive recipes like eggs and toasts, quiche recipes, oats and fruits, pancakes etc. why you don’t try this amazing recipe called Veggie Pancakes with Runny Eggs.