Monday, 20 January 2014

How to Make Chicken Gravy?

Gravies and sauces are the essential ingredient to uplift the flavors of dish. Chicken gravy is one of the best gravy which can uplift the flavors of mashed potatoes, roasted chicken, turkey dishes or any chicken recipes. 

There are plenty of recipes and methods to make a chicken gravy. The most important thing is to remember that gravy enhance the flavors of dishes so, adding herbs and spices are quite essential but it should not over power the flavor of the actual dish. A best gravy is the one which lift the flavors of the dishes like potatoes, chicken recipes and all.

In today’s post, I am making a simple recipe of chicken gravy; this is a great recipe to add to your collection. The flavors are smooth, mouthwatering and loaded with southern flavors. So let’s not waste any time further and start making this amazing recipe.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Best Recipes using Bolognese Sauce

When I talk about Bolognese sauce it’s the most versatile recipe you can actually work in the kitchen. Its family friendly, not expensive to make and is so damn tasty. You can store it, reheat it and its leftovers recipes are pretty amazing. This recipe is probably a good recipe to try. You can load this recipe with oodles of vegetables to make it kid’s friendly if they are the picky eater at home.

bolognese sauce

In today’s post, I will share what all you can cook with Bolognese sauce. As a fresh recipe and also as a leftover. I will share top 10 recipes that one should try with Bolognese sauce. As we all know, Bolognese sauce is a perfect Italian sauce used over pasta recipes for the years. It is basically a mix of ground beef or pork or any mix of minced meat which is being cooked for hours in milk, wine, tomatoes, and vegetables.  This sauce is actually ideal for spaghetti or angle hair pastas, however it is used with any kind of pasta you have at home, and it also goes well with Lasagna.

Let’s discuss what all we can try with this versatile sauce –

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Super Easy Home-cooked Spaghetti Sauce

I simply love pasta and one of the major reason behind my liking is its versatility and great taste. There are plenty of pasta sauces that you can try; and it’s not just easy to make but few of them are really healthy too i.e. less in fat and rich in vital nutrients. Among this category spaghetti sauce is one that I love the most.

The tangy tomato flavors are perfect to go with chicken, seafood like shrimps, tofu or any preferred vegetables you like. Personally I like to make spaghetti sauce at home but today market is flooded with canned spaghetti sauce so if you don’t have much of time to spend in kitchen, getting these bottled jars are always preferred. Home-made spaghetti sauce don’t last for more than a week or so. So I would suggest to not make this recipe in bulk if you have few members at home.

One day my friend, Stacy shared this recipe of her with me. And I really like the approach and the way she cooked it. The recipe was simply perfect and above that, it was super easy. She didn’t add any meat in this recipe which makes it perfect for vegan people and for those who follows meatless Mondays.

Today I am sharing Stacy’s recipe however, I made few changes in this recipe. So let’s begin –