Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Breakfast Delight – Veggie Pancakes with Runny Eggs

Breakfast is essential meal of the day generally, we all rush to go to work or school in the morning and usually end up eating which is quick and grab and go type. But what about the weekend mornings when you have ample to time and you can make a nice breakfast or brunch for yourself and for your loved ones. Instead of making those same repetitive recipes like eggs and toasts, quiche recipes, oats and fruits, pancakes etc. why you don’t try this amazing recipe called Veggie Pancakes with Runny Eggs.

This recipe is easy and simple to make but taste just so great. Instead of potato hash if we can make this wonderful recipe with savory vegetable pancakes it becomes a delight. It’s healthy and appetizing too since you’re adding more veggies instead of only potato. Nevertheless, this recipe is packed full of protein and other nutrients. You can serve it with eggs as poached eggs or even as fried or sunny side up style i.e. whatever you prefer more or like more. The fluffy pancakes taste great with runny eggs. In fact, to enhance the taste even more serve it with some hollandaise sauce.  Yummy!! 

Putting hollandaise sauce not just enhances the taste even more like it does with benedict eggs but hollandaise sauce is now available easily in the market too. Kids simply love this recipe and so do adults. You can serve this easy recipe even for brunch or even call your friends for a brunch serve it with fruit juices and some fresh fruits to complete the meal; they will simply love it.

Click Here, to get the recipe. 

I hope you will like the recipe and you will try this recipe too. Do let me know, how you find it. Till then, stay healthy and fabulous.


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