Monday, 25 November 2013

5 Easy and Quick Meals to Start Your Day

If I talk about my college life, I’ve never been a big breakfast eater. I usually used to skip breakfast because I never used to get up on time and to make up for the lost time I had to rush to college. My quick meal defines as just a cup of coffee with 2 cookies-that’s it! I am just not hungry when I wake up in the morning, in fact I still don’t feel hungry in the morning.

However, after years of skipping my breakfast I realized my body needs energy for every activity and since my body and brain is not getting that significant energy my metabolic rate was high and I used to get tired easily. In fact, I used to feel sleepy for a whole day. So, around 11 or 12 in the afternoon I used to feel super hungry and end up eating all junks which was available starting from burgers to fries for lunch to sodas. Even though I was always aware of the fact that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day I used to skip it because I was too lazy to make a breakfast. But, today I am sharing 5 easy and quick meals for breakfast so that you won’t skip your meals. Now I don’t skip my breakfast for sure –
  1. Cereals and milk: The simplest breakfast one can have its cornflakes or muesli. Just pore warm or cold milk (your choice) and add maple syrup or honey along with one seasonal fruit with it. Ideally muesli have nuts and raisins in it and it healthy as it got oats, barley and other cereals. And if you are having cornflakes you can add almonds and raisins on the top. You can also have this with yogurt if you like.
  2. Eggs and toasts: I guess this is one of the simplest and quickest meal one can have. Simply toast some breads make a sunny side up, scrambled eggs with a seasoning of salt and pepper and have a cup of coffee with some milk that’s it.
  3. Greek Yogurt with granola: My grandmother used to give me granola in a box to eat. Granola is energy pack food. So, if you are in real hurry and looking for a super quick meal then sprinkle some yogurt with crushed granola, drizzle some honey and add fresh berries.
  4. Over-night oats: Oats are one of the best breakfast idea. If you have time in the night just put some oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds, fruit and sweetener in jar, mix well and keep it in a fridge overnight. This mixture can stay up to 2 days so you can make a mixture in large quantity and have it at least for 2 days. If you are storing it, I will suggest add fruit in the morning and add some nuts and raisins or even granola to improve the taste better.
  5. Coffee and oats smoothie: This simple and easy recipe is for the people who are addictive to coffee (like me). In this recipe, first grind the quick oats (about ½ cup) with 2 spoons of flax seeds and make a powder. You can also make this mixture in a large quantity and use it whenever you want. In a blender blend a banana, add ½ cup of milk, yogurt, 1 teaspoon of coffee and ½ cup of oats mixture, sweetener and ice cubes. Blend this until it’s a smooth mixture. Just drink this and you are done with your breakfast.

Try to make recipes rich protein, calcium, vitamins and other nutritious food to increase energy. A breakfast can boost your brain power and helps keep your blood sugar regulated. Try not to leave your house without eating anything. Eat healthy and stay healthy!


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