Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Introduce Health to Your Kitchen by Introduction Margarine in Your Kitchen

Are you also the part of butter vs. margarine debate? I am convinced that margarine is a healthier substitute of butter and one must not consume too much butter in their day to day life. Rather, they should look for healthier alternatives of butter and live healthy.

It is not very difficult to start leading a healthy life. Making a small switch from butter to margarine is an easy and effective way to cut back saturated fats from your daily life. We use butter on regular basis as a bread spread, for cooking, for baking etc. In a research, it was shown that by simply replacing butter with margarine one could save their body with whopping 3 kilos of bad fat per year. Isn’t this amazing?

If your family can’t get use to the idea of using margarine instead of butter, slowly introduce them to this healthy margarine. Lots of bakers, swears by the taste of margarine in their baked goods. These days market is filled with the option of gluten free margarine, one can also use them.

Margarines is now available in different flavors and one can pick them as per their need. It not only taste great as a bread spread but it is also great for cooking. Most of the margarines contains less saturated fats and in some of the country’s margarine contains maximum of 15% of fat.

Most of the people like to opt for the canola based margarines because they comprehend healthy essential fatty acids such as ALA and omega 6. However it is always recommended to choose margarine tub over margarine sticks because the more liquidity the margarine is, the healthier it would be.

Some of the health benefits of margarine are-

  • They are very rich in vitamin A & vitamin D. Both these vitamins are very essential for our body.
  • Margarine are very rich in omega-3 & Omega-6 acids. These acids are very necessary for our body.
  • It is lighter for baking and gives a better taste to the food.

Lots of doctors are also advising the people to incorporate margarine in their regular diet in order to live healthy and maintain lean body. The debate of butter vs. margarine can go on forever, but at the end of the day one must take a right decision towards their health.

Besides eating healthy, one must indulge themselves in physical activities and outdoor games. If you do not get time during the week due to the hectic office schedule, make sure that you are dedicating your weekend to the fitness.

Lastly, I would just like to say that I don’t think margarine is unhealthy. Science has proven this time and again. Enjoy your life and eat healthy!!

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