Monday, 3 March 2014

5 Quick and Easy Beef Stew Recipes for this Season!

With the beginning of the year we have experienced this brutal cold all across the states. And if you look around the world, this change in weather has impacted almost every country across the globe. Here in California, we are experiencing cold and rain. It’s the beginning of month march, and with this cold and icy weather, we all need some comfy food for dinner and lunch. A dish which can make us warm from inside.

Stew keeps you warm and are one the most known comfy food for winters. In today’s post, I will share 5 best beef stew recipe that you can make in this freezing season. These recipes are easy to make and are flavorsome and appetizing too.

We all know nothing is more relaxing and warming than a bowlful of warm homemade beef stew. There are plenty of ways to make a stew i.e. whether you make it in an old fashioned gas-stove way or using a slow cooker for the recipe. Beef stew recipes are scrumptious in all ways. Add veggies or whatever flavors and seasonings you like; you can never go wrong with this recipe.

So let’s not waste time and start jot downing these amazing beef stew recipes which you can make for this whole coming week, these recipes are simple and easy to make –

1. Hearty Chipotle Chili - An old fashioned hearty beef stew recipe which got chipotle chili pepper and beans. Perfect for the chilly weather which will keep you warm and satisfying. This recipe is simple to make and take just 20 minutes to cook and serves up to 6 servings. Click Here to see the recipe.

2. Old-Fashioned Beef Stew with Winter Vegetables - This recipe had its origins in the good old-fashioned cooking and it can be made in two stages: Brown and simmer the meat for one day; add the vegetables a day or two later. Serve it with, cabbage, apple and cauliflower salad. Click Here to see the recipe.

3. Kelly’s Southwestern Beef Stew – A thick, rich and hearty beef stew recipe which got the perfect blend and flavors of beef and potatoes and other goddesses. The flavors of fresh corn, green beans, tomatoes, onions and potatoes just make it perfect which is not very spicy and bland at all. Click Here to see the recipe.

4. Slow Cooker Beef Stew – When you are too tired to cook anything, slow cooker makes the entry. Meat cooked in slow cooker is always tender and juicy which is perfect for a stew recipe. Add a splash of your favorite dry red wine to get that more depth and flavor in this recipe. Click Here to see the recipe.

5. Sweet and Sour Beef Stew – We all like the Chinese sweet and sour recipes so why not with beef stew! A simple, flavorsome recipe which got a beautiful blend of sweet and tangy flavors which stimulate our taste senses. The sourness and sweetness can be added with pineapples. Click Here to see this recipe.

I hope you will like these wonderful beef stew recipes. If you have such wonderful beef stew recipes that you would like to share, please comment or you can also give me a feedback over the showed recipes. Till than stay healthy and fabulous.


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