Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Secret Resource of Shrimp Recipes

Most of my friends ask me about my resource of shrimp recipes and I just tell them that it is a natural talent which is a pure lie. It’s not a natural talent, it is a secret recipe I have been following over a period of time. I like all the recipes from this website because all the recipes are easy to make, gives amazing taste & economical.

Knorr shrimp recipes have really helped me in pulling out the successful parties, easy dinners and special Sunday brunch. I rarely make any modifications to these recipes because of the simplicity they offer unlike other food website these recipes are not at all complicated and difficult to pull. The website also has amazing videos which guide you through the complete process if you do not like to read.
I am sharing top 4 recipes of shrimp in this post which I have collected:- 
  1. Asian shrimp & peanuts stir-fry: believe you me, this dish can be ready in just 15 minutes of span and there is no special ingredients which you require to cook this. Perfect for kids lunch as kids like the stir-fry stuff. There is hardly any fat which also makes this dish perfect for someone who is dieting and looking for tasty food. Click here to get this recipe. 
  2. Buffalo shrimp ranch salad: this dish is ready in just 3 simple and plain steps. You do not have to grill yourself in the kitchen if you are cooking this salad. It is healthy and filled with the goodness of the green vegetables. If you do not eat beef than chicken is also a very good option which goes well with this dish. I like my chicken roasted. You can even make chicken nuggets. You can even avoid butter if you want or perhaps use the low fat margarine. Click here to get the recipe of this dish
  3. Cajun Jambalaya: if you like to eat rice in your dinner and this dish is specially meant for you. The combination of shrimp and rice is very delicious and the bell peppers gives that extra zing to this dish. This dish also has some Asian flavors in it and perfect for the night when you are having friends because it’s a standalone dish which does not require you to cook the sides to go with the main dish. To get this recipe, click here. 
  4. Creamy Asian shrimp ceviche: you do not even have to get into your kitchen for cooking this recipe. All you need is 15 minutes and a microwave. Your shrimps will be ready to serve. I really like the presentation of this dish and I hope to serve this to my guests every time to come to my home. Click here to get the recipe of this amazing dish.
Try these shrimp recipes from knorr and believe you me you will regular hunt this website for new recipes. If you also have some websites which contribute to your personal recipe collection, kindly let me know. I will also check them out.

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