Thursday, 3 July 2014

Let’s Celebrate World bar-b-que Day With Some Amazing Food

4th July is known as world BBQ day and each one of us grab our grills, BBQ stations, ovens etc and head straight out. This is the perfect way to celebrate summer. I cannot think of even a single thing which I do not like about summers. The flowers, beaches, food, colors etc. This all takes my breath away. Kids love the summers too.

Bar-Be-Que which is also known as BBQ is basically a slow cooking method which has been with us from 20 BC. That was the only way earlier people use to cook. The cooking process was really slow (at times up to 18 hours) but the outcome was amazing. Traditionally BBQ included the whole piece of protein (pork, buffalo and sometime chicken etc.) kept over the grill. They custom was to use wood while BBQ’ing the meat.

Now a days, due to time and resource constrain people are using coal and electric BBQ’s. However, thinking that anyone can BBQ the meat is wrong. Most of the novices think that they will rub whatever on the meat and put it on the fire and throw a summer BBQ party doesn’t understand the science involved behind it. Most of them, end up with dry and chewy piece of meat.

Lots of countries also hold the best BBQ championship annually. Only 3.6% women participate in the competition in USA. I guess, BBQ is more of a man thing. Women are great cook but standing in front the charcoals is perhaps not their cup of tea. Even in my childhood, I have never seen my mother initiating a BBQ by herself. It was always my father who use to make Sunday BBQ for us.

When it comes to my favorite food, I really like BBQ pulled pork recipe because I really like the succulent piece of pork with all the charcoal flavors in it. Personally, I can have that every day for forever. My neighbors use to serve it with boiled rice and their kids are really happy to have it like that.

Pulled pork goes very well with hotdog bun, boiled rice, corn bread and Indian bread. While doing the preparation for pulled pork, one must pay attention to the rub they are using. Rub is the essence of good pulled pork. My father use to say that using just plain oil spoils the pork. One must use proper seasoning and these days market is filled with stock cubes, they are the perfect companion while BBQ’ing.

At last, just remember the golden rule never cook your pork on the high heat. Give it time and let it cook slowly because the juices which you get from the slow cooked meat is worth every minute of wait. Do comment and let me know what are you cooking on the world BBQ day and do share some pictures of your outing as well. Happy BBQ’ing.

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