Monday, 7 July 2014

Chicken Vegetable Soup - The Goodness of Chicken and Vegetable Together

I have two kids below the age of 10 and I think besides my job, taking care of them is like 3 jobs combined into one. I have to take care of their food, clothes, school, projects and what not. On top of that, they make really funny faces and come up with excuses when I serve them something healthy. My younger son has bag full of excuses when he doesn't like something which I have cooked.

Over a period is time, I have learned some tricks which I keeping pulling on my kids. Right now, they really don’t understand the importance of eating healthy. They think that eating junk food will also be as good as eating vegetables but, we all know what the truth is.

Whenever I want them to eat something which is healthy and not liked by them, I make something alternative. I now make lots of smoothies, shakes, soups, wraps etc. Even I have a collection of chicken vegetable soup recipes. I serve them a different kind of soup every time. They are also happy to consume them.

While making a chicken vegetable soup one must keep the following things in mind-
  1. While making the stock, use the already available chicken stock cubes. They give a very nice taste to your soups.
  2. Pre-cook the vegetables as well as chicken. In the end mix everything together- stock, chicken & vegetables. Cook all of them for about 5 minutes and you are good to go.
  3. Do not use the vegetables which has lots of seeds in the soup such as bell peppers. Carrot, cabbage etc. are good vegetables and they are also a very good companion of soup. Work on them together. 
  4. Avoid clear soups, if you are making it for kids. They don’t really like clear soups. Use cheese and cream in the soup but don’t go overboard with it. Try to keep it as minimum as you can. 
  5. If your kids are like my kids, they will definitely ask for the breadsticks no matter what soup you are serving them. So just microwave the beard and put some olives on it. They are really good for health. 
  6. Make your presentation attractive. Buy colorful bowls, come with funny decorations. It increase the appetite of your kids
  7. Kids like chewy soup, give them the chunky of chicken to eat. They will love that. 
  8.   Never join boil the chicken and use it in the chicken. Season them well and then put them in the soup. 
  9. With these above given instructions, you will see that your kids will eventually start loving the soup and you will have no problem feeding them with vegetables.
Bon appetite!!

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