Monday, 21 July 2014

Chicken Casserole Recipes with Chicken Breast

I have a confession to make here. I think I am in love with summers. I love everything about it- the beaches, the game days, backyard parties, beautiful colors etc. I love almost everything expect for the fact that I have to go to the kitchen and cook food for my family. I want a genie who can cook anything I want, without me leaving the sight of my couch.

But of course, that is not possible. All the ladies know that fact that we have to go and cook delicious food for our family. But we also know that we have some tricks under our sleeves which helps us in kitchen. 

Hence, my post is dedicated to all the busy mothers who have to cook food for their family. I will be sharing the collection of chicken casserole recipes  which I have collected over a period of time. Hope these chicken recipeswill save some of your time in the kitchen.

Baked chicken breast with bell peppers- if you are health conscious and does not like to eat anything fried than this recipe can be your perfect companion. You can also add some of the vegetables of your choice but bell peppers gives a complete balance to this dish which is required. This recipe is perfect for a weekday dinner because it is one pot as well as not too laborious. You can also adjust to the seasoning of the dish as per your taste, my family likes to eat this dish hot. To get the recipe of this dish, click here.

Green bean, potato chicken casserole- this dish has very straight metrics, 5 ingredients and 1 hour. Nothing more, nothing less until of course you want to complicate the easy going flavors. This dish is good for the people who hates to eat anything spicy and the addition of beans as well as apple makes it perfect for the kids. You can replace butter with margarine, if you desire because that will make the dish healthier. Click here to get the recipe of this dish.

Doritos Chicken Casserole Recipe- this is a Mexican dish and the flavors of this dish are amazing. I mean, I have learned this dish quite some time back and I never felt that there is a need to alter or perhaps experiment with the flavors because everything is just so perfect. You can cook this dish for lunch as well as for dinner and it takes about 40 minutes to cook including the prep time. As I said above, adjust to the hotness of this dish as per the preference of your family. To get this amazing recipe, click here.

These are just some of the chicken casserole recipes and I like these recipes because they are hassle free. I mean, you really do not have to do much and strain your utensils. These all are mostly one pot dishes which can be cooked easily.
Cook these dishes at your home and let me know what you feel about them.

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